Compost Pail by Mr ECO – The Best Compost Collector Around

Compost Pail by Mr Eco

If you are looking for a great compost pail and compost collector, look no further! Mr ECO has come out with a wonderful innovation in composting–the Mr ECO Compost Collector.

Forget the small green bucket or the cute little crock with little or no capacity. The compost collector by Mr ECO holds 2.7 gallons of compostable organic waste.

Check out the video below to learn more about the compost pail by Mr ECO.

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Compost Pail – All Compost Collectors are not Created Equal


The Mr ECO Collector has up to 2 times the capacity of a typical counter-top compost pail. And with the innovative design of the lid, compostable waste is collected and kept odor free until you are ready to add the organic waste to your compost tumbler, compost bin or compost pile. No more charcoal filters to buy and change. No more buckets sitting around on your counter.

Mr ECO’s lid also eliminates any problems with flies as well as keeping all compostable waste out of sight until you are ready to empty the contents of the compost pail into your composter.

Compost Pail – Mr ECO Compost Collector is Easy to Use

Compost Pail by Mr ECO Wall Mount Compost Pail by Mr ECO Door Mount

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The compost pail by Mr ECO comes complete with a mounting bracket that allows the compost collector to be mounted virtually anywhere. You can also place your Mr ECO inside a cabinet or at the end of a counter. Mr ECO goes where you need it to go.

The Mr ECO Compost Collector is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe making the Mr ECO compost pail very easy to use.

Start composting the easy way with Mr ECO’s Compost Collector, the only compost pail you will ever need! You can purchase your compost pail by Mr ECO through our store.

Remember, “Don’t throw it away, compost it!”


Compost Pails – What Are They and How do They Help

Compost Pails – Something Every Home Composter Needs!

If you are currently composting or you are interested in composting, you should seriously consider getting a compost pail.

A compost pail is a container specially designed to hold organic kitchen waste and contain any bad smells that may result from the pail contents.

A compost pail has a special lid that has an opening that allows air to circulate within the pail. Also, there is usually a charcoal filter that traps any odors that may develop in the pail. A compost pail works far better than a regular bucket with a sealed lid. Since there is no air circulation with a regular bucket and sealed lid, very bad odors are likely to develop.

Compost Pails Come in A Variety of Shapes and Materials

Compost pails are constructed from a variety of materials. The most common of course is plastic; however, there are compost pails made out of ceramic, copper, stainless steel and bamboo. They also come in capacities that average around 1 to 2 1/2 gallons. A 1 gallon compost pail will need to be emptied approximately once a week.

Another item that may come in handy with your new compost pail are biodegradable compost pail liners. These are great little bags that fit in your pail and hold the organic kitchen waste. When you are ready to empty your pail, you simply pull the liner out and through the entire thing in your compost pile. The bag will eventually break down, and its contents will become incorporated with your compost pile. These compost pail liners also help keep your pail clean.

Isn’t it Time for a Compost Pail?

There are many varieties of compost pails on the market. Take a moment and check out the selection below. You will surely find a compost pail to fit your needs and tastes. Remember, “Don’t Throw it Away, Compost it!” For more information on composting, check out our article on How to Compost. Thanks for stopping by!

Shop for a Compost Pail Today!


When Buying a Composter or Compost Bin, Consider Buying American

Made in the USA
Made in the USA

More and more jobs are being farmed out to other countries and more and more Americans are finding themselves unemployed. When shopping for a composter, why not consider buying American?

Nature’s Footprint, in Washington state, makes a wonderful worm composter, which is manufactured in the United States. They make the Worm Factory® and their latest model, the Worm Factory® 360.

These worm composters are multi-tray, upward migrating worm bins, which means the worms migrate to the upper bins as they finish the food in the lower bins. The worms leave behind some of the richest compost known to gardeners!

Not only are these worm bins made in the USA, they are great for someone who is interested in getting started composting at home. The Worm Factory® and the Worm Factory® 360 can be used indoors or outdoors in the kitchen, a utility room or even the garage.

Worm Factory
Worm Factory

Worm Factory
Worm Factory

Worm Factory 360
Worm Factory 360

The only other thing you need is some good old American grown red wiggler composting worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, which is located in Pennsylvania.

So, if you are in the market for a compost bin, please consider the American Made Worm Factory® and the Worm Factory® 360. The job you save may be your own!


The Worm Factory 360 Just Got Better

That’s right, the Worm Factory® 360 just got better! How you might ask? is now offering the Worm Factory® 360 with 1,000 of Uncle Jim’s Red Wiggler Composting Worms for a great deal.

Worm Factory 360 Combo
Worm Factory 360 Combo


Here’s the deal…

  • You get a Worm Factory® 360 worm composter of your choice (black, terra cotta or green)
  • 1,000 Uncle Jim’s Red Wigglers Composting Worms
  • Free Shipping!

Worm composting is a great way to help the environment and end up with nutrient rich worm compost to boot! Worm composting is great way to get started composting in a small yard or an apartment.

Heck, if you aren’t careful, worm composting can even become addicting.

Why not get a Worm Factory® 360 Worm Bin Combo and start worm composting today?

Get both for only $135.00 with FREE shipping!

Be sure and shop our Store today for this great value!


Aerobin 400 Composter Review

Aerobin 400 Composter Review Video

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Introducing the Next Step in Recycling…
The Aerobin 400 Composter

The Aerobin 400 Composter
The Aerobin 400 Composter

Organic Waste in Landfills Contribute to Greenhouse Gasses

Most people don’t realize that sending their organic waste to landfills contributes to greenhouse gasses. Also disposing of your kitchen scraps and garden waste by sending them to the landfill contributes to global warming.

The Aerobin 400 Contributes Positively to the Environment

Aerobin 400 to the rescue! With the revolutionary design of the Aerobin 400, you can stop sending food and garden waste to the landfill and employ the use of aerobic composting to contribute positively to the environment.

The Aerobin 400 Employs the Use of Patented Technology

The patented technological design of the Aerobin 400 overcomes typical problems many people have had with composting, and it produces rich, nutrient-laden compost and liquid fertilizer to be used in your garden.

The Power is in the Aerobin 400’s Aeration Lung

The secret of the Aerobin 400 is the patented Central Aeration Lung. This aeration lung allows air to circulate throughout the organic material aiding the composting process. This aeration also speeds the composting process and allows for higher composting temperatures, which help eliminate things such as noxious seeds contained in the organic material.

The Heart of the Aerobin 400
The Heart of the Aerobin 400

Aerobin 400 Composter Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction – built to last!
  • Assembled dimensions – 29″w x 29″d x 47″h
  • Weight is 56 lbs.
  • Capacity is 15 cubic feet or 112 gallons
  • Double insulated walls are 1 1/2″ thick
  • Features a patented Aeration Lung
  • The Aerobin 400 has a reservoir base to collect liquid fertilizer, know as lechate
  • The Aerobin 400 has two removable doors to access finished compost
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
Take Recycling and Composting to the Next Step with the Aerobin 400!

The Aerobin 400 will allow you to do your part in preserving the environment. With the Aerobin 400 you can start composting all your kitchen and yard waste reducing the strain on current landfills, in turn lowering the generation of greenhouse gasses, thereby reducing your contribution to global warming.

With the Aerobin 400’s rugged construction and technologically advanced design, not only will you be doing your part to help the environment, you will also be creating wonderfully nutrient-laden compost and liquid fertilizer to use in your garden. This great compost will reduce your dependence on chemical fertilizers, as well as acting as a mulch, which will reduce your need for water in your garden.

Isn’t it time for an Aerobin 400 Composter? Get your’s today in our Composter Store and receive Free Shipping!


Uncle Jim’s Red Wiggler Composting Worms now Available at

Uncle Jim's Red Wiggler Composting Worms
Uncle Jim's Red Wiggler Composting Worms is excited to announce that we have established a relationship with Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm to bring our customers the best composting worms on the market.

Red Wigglers are the perfect composting worm. Red Wigglers are only 1-3 inches in length and they are about the diameter of a pencil lead, but don’t let their size fool you.

Did you know that these wiggly composters can eat their body weight in garbage in a day? That’s a lot of composting going on.

Once the food they consume gets digested, the those Red Wigglers leave behind some of the richest compost available.

These worm castings or worm compost contain five times the nitrogen, seven times the phosphates, and eleven times the the potash of average lawn soil.

Red Wiggler
Red Wiggler Champion Composter

All this great natural fertilizer comes from your garbage. How awesome is that! Isn’t it time to get some wiggly composters of your own?

If you have wondered how to get started composting at home, composting with worms is an easy way to begin.

Using a worm bin like the Worm Factory® or the Worm Factory® 360 and some Red Wiggler composting worms, you can turn your garbage into nutrient rich compost for your gardens.

To read more about worm composting, check out our article Worm Composting – Those Wigglies Eat Your Garbage!

Get started composting today! Be sure to check our our Composter Store–all orders ship FREE! Remember, “Don’t Throw it Away, Compost it!”TM


Green Christmas Gift Ideas

Give a Green Gift This Christmas!
Give a Green Gift This Christmas!

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift? Why not give the gift of a composter?

A composter makes a great Green Christmas gift. There are many different composters on the market these days and they come in all price ranges. has a great selection of composters and all come with free shipping.

We would like to take a moment and offer several suggestions for your Green Christmas Shopping list this year.

Composters come in several types. The basic styles are compost tumblers, compost bins, and worm composting bins.


Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler
The Worm Factory® 360
The Worm Factory® 360
Jora Composter JK270
Jora Composter JK270

Soil Saver Compost Bin
Soil Saver Compost Bin

Envirocycle Compost Tumbler
Envirocycle Tumbler

Wishing Well Compost Bin
Wishing Well Compost Bin

Above are six of our most popular composters. Click on any of the images above to learn more about the particular model in which you are interested.

The Tumbleweed Compost tumbler is an extremely well-made medium capacity compost tumbler.

The Worm Factory® 360 is a great value and can be used indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for quality, look no further than the Jora JK125 Composter.

The Jora Composter is a Swedish designed composter that is made to create compost year ’round even during cold winters.

The Soil Saver is an excellent compost bin for value conscious gift givers.

Envirocycle makes a great compost tumbler and compost tea maker. The Envirocycle Compost Tumbler makes great compost and collects up to five gallons of compost tea, which can be diluted and used as liquid fertilizer in your garden.

Finally, our Wishing Well Compost Bin is another great compost bin for value conscious shoppers. It is of sturdy construction and has a large capacity holding up to 18 cubic feet or 135 gallons of organic material.

There you have it you Green Gift Givers. We hope that our Green Christmas Gift Ideas will make your giving a little easier this season! All of our composters enjoy fast, free shipping. Shop early so you can have more time to enjoy the holidays.


The Worm Factory® 360 Continues to Get Great Reviews

The Worm Factory® 360
The Worm Factory® 360

The Worm Factory® 360 is a wonderfully simple, yet effective composter that continues to get great reviews.

Gwendolyn Bounds, of the Wall Street Journal, reviewed several composters, including the Worm Factory® 360, in her article, “Quick and Not So Dirty: No-Sweat Composters.”

In her article, Gwendolyn says that the Worm Factory® 360 “was far less creepy than I’d imagined and even mildly entertaining.”

She also says that other than preferring their food chopped in small pieces, the worms are relatively “low maintenance—they eat and work.”


The Worm Factory® 360 compost bin is a great way to turn kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich soil for your plants and garden. The makers of the Worm Factory® 360 have worked hard to help take the effort out of composting. With the improved design, air flow has been increased, and better air flow means faster composting.

As the wigglies work to recycle your food waste, two things are generated in the process: worm castings or worm compost and compost tea. Worm castings, which is simply worm poo, are the most nutrient-rich compost material available. Master Gardeners agree that worm castings are wonderful for your garden.

Compost tea is also a by-product of the composting process, and it is handily collected in the base of the compost bin. A spigot in the base makes collecting the compost tea a snap. The compost tea can then be diluted with water and used as a liquid fertilizer.

The Worm Factory® 360 can be used indoors or outdoors allowing year ’round production of worm compost. It is odorless making it great for apartments, kitchens, garages, porches and more.

The Worm Factory® 360 is also a great way to teach your children about the benefits of composting. What child doesn’t like a worm?

It is easy to get started composting with a Worm Factory® 360. Simply add a handful of worms and your organic waste to the bottom tray. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled add another tray. The worms migrate upward to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient-rich compost.

Items Included with The Worm Factory® 360
Items Included with The Worm Factory® 360


Items Included with the Worm Factory® 360:


  • 4 Stacking Trays
  • Collection Base
  • 16-Page Instruction Book
  • Ventilation “Quick Tips” Lid
  • Coir Brick
  • Worm Bedding
  • Spigot
  • Accessory Kit

You may also want to read more about worm composting.

Purchase your very own Worm Factory® 360 from our Store.
All orders include FREE Delivery!

The original Wall Street Journal article can be found here: “Quick and Not So Dirty: No-Sweat Composters.”


Pet Poo Composter Review

Pet Poo Composter
Pet Poo Composter


Are you looking for a great way to compost pet poo? The Pet Poo Composter by Tumbleweed is a great way to convert your dog’s droppings into compost and compost tea for your garden.

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ECO Wooden Compost Bin Review

ECO Compost Bin
ECO Compost Bin


Home composting of organic kitchen and garden waste greatly reduces the demand on landfills. If you are looking for the perfect wooden compost bin for backyard composting, the ECO Compost Bin in the answer.

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