Mantis Garden Tiller Cultivator Review

Macky and his Mantis Tiller
Macky and his Mantis Tiller

I absolutely had to write about one of my most favorite and useful man-tools I have ever added to my man-tool arsenal – my Mantis Tiller Cultivator!I hope that you find my Mantis tiller reviewinformative and  helpful.

I purchased my Mantis garden tillerlast year and did I mention I love it?  I have seen the Mantis tilleradvertised for years, but I always felt the price was a little steep for what I thought I would be getting.  Not anymore.  Once I received my new Mantis tiller, I was blown away at how useful and powerful it actually was.

Don’t let the small size fool you.  This garden tiller packs a wallop.  In addition to its power, the Mantis rototilleruses its size to its advantage.  I have used many large, bulky tillers that literally  beat you to death, especially if your are trying to create a new flower bed or garden.  The Mantis tiller cultivator tines actually turn many times faster than traditional tillers, and the Mantis’tines are crafted to bust up the ground quicker and more efficiently.

Well, what’s so great about the Mantis tiller cultivator?

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