Compost Pail by Mr ECO – The Best Compost Collector Around

Compost Pail by Mr Eco

If you are looking for a great compost pail and compost collector, look no further! Mr ECO has come out with a wonderful innovation in composting–the Mr ECO Compost Collector.

Forget the small green bucket or the cute little crock with little or no capacity. The compost collector by Mr ECO holds 2.7 gallons of compostable organic waste.

Check out the video below to learn more about the compost pail by Mr ECO.

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Compost Pail – All Compost Collectors are not Created Equal


The Mr ECO Collector has up to 2 times the capacity of a typical counter-top compost pail. And with the innovative design of the lid, compostable waste is collected and kept odor free until you are ready to add the organic waste to your compost tumbler, compost bin or compost pile. No more charcoal filters to buy and change. No more buckets sitting around on your counter.

Mr ECO’s lid also eliminates any problems with flies as well as keeping all compostable waste out of sight until you are ready to empty the contents of the compost pail into your composter.

Compost Pail – Mr ECO Compost Collector is Easy to Use

Compost Pail by Mr ECO Wall Mount Compost Pail by Mr ECO Door Mount

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The compost pail by Mr ECO comes complete with a mounting bracket that allows the compost collector to be mounted virtually anywhere. You can also place your Mr ECO inside a cabinet or at the end of a counter. Mr ECO goes where you need it to go.

The Mr ECO Compost Collector is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe making the Mr ECO compost pail very easy to use.

Start composting the easy way with Mr ECO’s Compost Collector, the only compost pail you will ever need! You can purchase your compost pail by Mr ECO through our store.

Remember, “Don’t throw it away, compost it!”


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