Compost Pails – What Are They and How do They Help

Compost Pails – Something Every Home Composter Needs!

If you are currently composting or you are interested in composting, you should seriously consider getting a compost pail.

A compost pail is a container specially designed to hold organic kitchen waste and contain any bad smells that may result from the pail contents.

A compost pail has a special lid that has an opening that allows air to circulate within the pail. Also, there is usually a charcoal filter that traps any odors that may develop in the pail. A compost pail works far better than a regular bucket with a sealed lid. Since there is no air circulation with a regular bucket and sealed lid, very bad odors are likely to develop.

Compost Pails Come in A Variety of Shapes and Materials

Compost pails are constructed from a variety of materials. The most common of course is plastic; however, there are compost pails made out of ceramic, copper, stainless steel and bamboo. They also come in capacities that average around 1 to 2 1/2 gallons. A 1 gallon compost pail will need to be emptied approximately once a week.

Another item that may come in handy with your new compost pail are biodegradable compost pail liners. These are great little bags that fit in your pail and hold the organic kitchen waste. When you are ready to empty your pail, you simply pull the liner out and through the entire thing in your compost pile. The bag will eventually break down, and its contents will become incorporated with your compost pile. These compost pail liners also help keep your pail clean.

Isn’t it Time for a Compost Pail?

There are many varieties of compost pails on the market. Take a moment and check out the selection below. You will surely find a compost pail to fit your needs and tastes. Remember, “Don’t Throw it Away, Compost it!” For more information on composting, check out our article on How to Compost. Thanks for stopping by!

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