ECO Wooden Compost Bin Review

ECO Compost Bin
ECO Compost Bin


Home composting of organic kitchen and garden waste greatly reduces the demand on landfills. If you are looking for the perfect wooden compost bin for backyard composting, the ECO Compost Bin in the answer.

The ECO Wooden Compost Bin is well-built and will blend in unobtrusively with your landscape. The ECO Wooden Compost Bin is made out of thermo-treated spruce, which results in natural preservation without chemical treatment, so the ECO Compost Bin will last for years to come.

The ECO Compost Bin is 27″ square and 30″ high with a 90 gallon capacity. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

ECO Wooden Compost Bin
ECO Wooden Compost Bin


The ECO Compost Bin has no bottom, which allows easy access for earthworms, which will help speed the composting process. The lid is wooden as well, which prevents wind disturbance.

The ECO Compost Bin is warranteed against defects for two years. Made in Canada.

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