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Envirocycle Composter - Black

The Envirocycle Composter is the perfect compost tumbler for the gardener with limited space. This composter is very compact and will fit great on a deck, back porch or in a small backyard.

With a few spins each day and the right mix of organic matter, you can end up with dark, rich, organic compost in 4-5 weeks. Composting time is dependent upon the mix of materials, moisture content of the compost, weather, etc. For best result, use approximately 50% dry ingredients (shredded newspaper, grass clippings, leaves) and 50% moist waste (dead flowers, vegetables scraps).

The Envirocycle Composter will work with any blend of organic material, but the process may take longer to complete. Remember, a well-aerated bin (daily spinning) helps break down materials into ready compost faster.

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  • Constructed of heavy duty UV-protected polypropylene plastic
  • Has an animal proof lid
  • Drum is easy to rotate and grip
  • Base collects 5 gallons of compost tea
  • 30.5″ high x 25.5″ wide x 20.5″ deep
  • Capacity: 7 cubic feet
  • Color: Black
  • Weighs 23 lbs
  • Quick FREE Shipping in the US, in 5-8 business days, directly from manufacturer (sorry, no shipments to AK, HI, PR)

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