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If you are looking for an extremely well-made compost tumbler, this is most definitely it.  The Jora Composter is a wonderful compost tumbler.  It is fantastically sturdy and very efficient in creating compost. The Jora Composter comes in two different models–JK125 and the JK270.

The JK125 is great for a home of 2-4 people and the JK270 is well suited for a larger home, restaurant, B&B, or school (great for educational purposes).

Jora Composter JK270
Jora Composter JK270


Have ever tried composting your food waste and been plagued with bad odors, rats and other vermin? Then the answer to all your composting concerns has arrived!

The Jora Composter is a heavy-duty compost tumbler with locking doors to prevent any animals from getting into the composter, and it is insulated to help speed up the decomposition process yeilding compost faster.

Turn Your Kitchen Waste Into Rich Organic Compost

Kitchen Food Waste
Kitchen Food Waste


You don’t have to be a gardener to produce wonderful, rich compost. The JK125 & JK270 Jora Composters lets you make perfect compost from your kitchen waste cleanly and quickly, with a minimum of effort.

Rotation is the Key to Efficient Composting

Jora Composter JK125 Wall-mounted
Jora Composter JK125 Wall-mounted


Mixing is important for composting to work efficiently.  Rotation is a simple matter, for the Jora Composter.  Rotation allows fresh waste to come into contact with already decaying material, and rotation also introduces necessary oxygen for the decomposition process.

It is also very easy to adjust the air supply to suit the quantity of waste by means of ventilators on the sides of the machine as insufficient aeration can lead to unpleasant odors in the compost.


 Heat Retention Speeds up the Composting Process

Jora Composter Insulated Compartments
Jora Composter Insulated Compartments


The breaking-down of organic material into compost generates heat through the action of micro-organisms.  Different micro-organisms start working at different temperatures.

Since the Jora Composter is extremely well insulated, it allows the temperature at the maximum rate of decomposition to rise as high as 160 degrees farenheit.  Without insulation it would be difficult to achieve such high temperatures, which means that those micro-organisms that need high temperatures for their activity would never start working.

Using an insulated, rotating composter ensures a more even heat distribution and an active decomposition process throughout the entire volume of organic matter.  This results in a more rapid composting rate occuring in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The high temperature makes the Jora Composter especially suited for kitchen waste, both cooked and uncooked, including meat and fish scraps.

The two separate latching doors make harvesting the finished compost a snap.  Simply fill one compartment with organic matter and let it “cook” while you are filling the other compartment.  When you finish filling the second compartment, the first compartment should be finished “cooking.”  Simply open the door and dump the dark, nutrient laden compost in your wheelbarrow to use in the garden.

Rich Finished Compost
Rich Finished Compost


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4 thoughts on “Jora Composter Compost Tumbler Review”

  1. I have just purchased a Jora JK125 composter and would like to add my comments. Having purchased another make from a well known and respectable Company (much cheaper) and sent it back because it could not be assembled without re-drilling the holes and straightening with a hammer, I was very skeptical when I unpacked the JK 125 and saw all the holes that had to line up.
    What a revelation, beautifully packaged, everything protected with bubble wrap, and so easy to put together. All the holes line up perfectly. This must be, from an engineering point of view, one of the best composters on the market. It is extremely well made, very functional, and if it wasn’t going to have compost in it I would be happy to have it on show indoors. The doors fit perfectly, the frame is excellent and the wall brackets are made strong enough to hold it up. I cannot fault it and it is well worth the extra money.
    I would reccomend this composter without any question, and know that if you buy it you will be very satisfied.
    Note: the latest model has been modified in that it no longer has adjustable air vents. They are permanently open. I cannot see a problem with this but will post again if I find one.

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