Make Your Own Compost Bin

Make Your Own Compost Bin

Who else wants to make your own compost bin? With our detailed compost bin plans, you can make your own compost bin and start composting at home.

Did you know that around 2/3 of our garbage is compostable? That means, with a little effort, you can start turning you organic waste into wonder nutrient-rich compost for your vegetable and flower gardens. Composting at home also means that less debris will end up in landfills, which is another way you can help the environment.

Our New Zealand style compost bin can be constructed out of basic materials with simple construction techniques. You can build this stylish, yet functional compost bin on a Saturday and be ready to start composting in your backyard by the afternoon.

Our plans include a materials list and step-by-step assembly instructions making it easy for your to make your own compost bin. This bin can be build for under a $100.00 with materials from your local home improvement store. You can also recycle some building materials to build your new compost bin and be even more eco-conscious!

The plans are delivered digitally immediately upon purchase.

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