Mantis Garden Tiller Cultivator Review

Macky and his Mantis Tiller
Macky and his Mantis Tiller

I absolutely had to write about one of my most favorite and useful man-tools I have ever added to my man-tool arsenal – my Mantis Tiller Cultivator!I hope that you find my Mantis tiller reviewinformative and  helpful.

I purchased my Mantis garden tillerlast year and did I mention I love it?  I have seen the Mantis tilleradvertised for years, but I always felt the price was a little steep for what I thought I would be getting.  Not anymore.  Once I received my new Mantis tiller, I was blown away at how useful and powerful it actually was.

Don’t let the small size fool you.  This garden tiller packs a wallop.  In addition to its power, the Mantis rototilleruses its size to its advantage.  I have used many large, bulky tillers that literally  beat you to death, especially if your are trying to create a new flower bed or garden.  The Mantis tiller cultivator tines actually turn many times faster than traditional tillers, and the Mantis’tines are crafted to bust up the ground quicker and more efficiently.

Well, what’s so great about the Mantis tiller cultivator?

Here are a few things that might impress you…

  • It is lightweight and weighs just 20 lbs.
  • It is powerful and will dig up to 10 inches deep.
  • It is easy to start.
  • It is compact in size and is only 9″ wide.
  • Use it to dig holes or plow furrows for planting.
  • It is perfect for raised beds and gardens of all sizes.
  • Turn and mix organic matter in compost piles.
  • Rips through sod and weeds with ease.
  • Handles fold down for easy storage.

The Power of the Mantis Garden Tiller

Garden Plot Before
Garden Plot Before
Garden Plot After
Garden Plot After

You can see from the before and after pictures above what a great job the Mantis tiller cultivator does in preparing a flower bed or garden plot.

I even used my Mantis tillerto make installing my irrigation system easier.  I tilled where I wanted my trenches to be and it made my digging sooo much easier!

Now, if you are planning on creating a large garden plot, I would suggest that you hire someone to come in and thoroughly cultivate the area.  Once you have done this, your Mantis tiller will be all you need to maintain a wonderfully productive garden.

One criticism that I read when I was researching my Mantis garden tillerpurchase was that people complained about grass getting wrapped around the tiller tines.  Grass does get wrapped around the tiller tines but it does not impede the operation of the Mantis.  Anyone who has ever worked with a tiller knows that grass always gets wrapped around the tiller tines.  With the Mantis tiller, the tines are very easy to clean.  Simply remove the locking pin and the tine assembly quickly slides off the drive shaft making cleaning a breeze.  One word of advice: if you are going to start a flower bed or garden plot from scratch, I would mow or weed-eat the ground very closely and this will alleviate excessive grass on the tiller tines.

Where to Buy a Mantis Tiller

I purchased my Mantis Tiller off of eBay from the seller 3Guys_a_dog. These guys are genuine Mantis dealers, and they are a top rated seller on eBay. I had a great experience buying from them. If you were to buy directly from Mantis, there would be considerable assembly; however, if you purchase from 3Guys_a_dog, your Mantis Tiller will come assembled with the handle bars simply folded down in the box. You will also get a free kickstand and edger attachment with your order, and you will save almost a hundred bucks to boot!

Mantis Tiller Kick-stand
Mantis Tiller Edger Attachment
Edger Attachment

Check Out 3Guys_a_dog Mantis Tiller Listings on eBay!


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  1. Bought a Mantis tiller last year used it for the fifteen minutes it took to till my garden and put it away. Took it out a few days ago and it started right up, unfortunately the motor will not run fast enough to turn the tines thus relegating the tiller to the junk heap along with every ‘one use’ gas string trimmer I have ever tried.

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