More About the Worm Factory® 360 Worm Composter

In addition to Black, the revolutionary Worm Factory® 360 also comes in Green and Terra Cotta. Shop for all three colors in our Composter Store.

The value from the Worm Factory® 360 just keeps coming! Now the Worm Factory® 360 ships with a great information-packed video, which will help you get started with worm composting in no time flat.

The video takes you step by step through…

  • Setting up your new worm bin
  • Maintaining your worm bin
  • Harvesting your finished worm compost
Worm Factory® 360 in Green
Worm Factory® 360 in Green
Worm Factory® 360 in Terra Cotta
Worm Factory® 360 in Terra Cotta

The Worm Factory® 360 is the perfect way to get started composting. Let those wiggly composters do all the hard work. Keep your Worm Factory® 360 indoors or out. The recommended temperature range for your Worm Factory® 360 is between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Worm Factory® 360 is great for apartment dwellers where there is little or no space for conventional composting in a pile, a compost bin or a compost tumbler.

The Worm Factory® 360 is also the perfect way to get children interested in composting. What child doesn’t like worms!

If you have been thinking about getting started with composting but didn’t know how, the Worm Factory® 360 is a great way to get going. Take a few minutes and check out the Worm Factory® 360.

Worm Factory® 360 Video

[flv:worm-factory-360-video.flv 540 300]

Shop for your very own Worm Factory® 360, in our Composter Store, today! All orders ship FREE! Remember, “Don’t Throw it Away, Compost it!”TM


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