Pet Poo Composter Review

Pet Poo Composter
Pet Poo Composter


Are you looking for a great way to compost pet poo? The Pet Poo Composter by Tumbleweed is a great way to convert your dog’s droppings into compost and compost tea for your garden.

The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Composter utilizes worms to convert the pet dropping into worm castings and compost tea, which is a highly concentrated fertilizer that can be diluted and applied to your garden.

The Pet Poo Composter consists of a sturdy breeding box with a lid that nests on top of a catcher tray, which catches the compost tea.

Two thousand worms and bedding mix are recommeded to get the Pet Poo Composter started. Make sure that the compost bin is placed in the shade near your pet’s favorite bathroom spot. Simply use a “pooper scooper” and place the droppings in the Pet Poo Composter and close the lid.

The Pet Poo Composter will handle the droppings of two medium sized dogs. Depending on the size of your dog or dogs, it will take approximately 3 months to two years to fill the compost bin with pet waste.

The Pet Poo Composter is 23″L x 15″W x 10″H and weighs 10 lbs. It is constructed of UV treated high impact polypropylene hardened plastic to ensure long-life.

Start turning your pet’s droppings into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

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