The Worm Factory 360 Just Got Better

That’s right, the Worm Factory® 360 just got better! How you might ask? is now offering the Worm Factory® 360 with 1,000 of Uncle Jim’s Red Wiggler Composting Worms for a great deal.

Worm Factory 360 Combo
Worm Factory 360 Combo


Here’s the deal…

  • You get a Worm Factory® 360 worm composter of your choice (black, terra cotta or green)
  • 1,000 Uncle Jim’s Red Wigglers Composting Worms
  • Free Shipping!

Worm composting is a great way to help the environment and end up with nutrient rich worm compost to boot! Worm composting is great way to get started composting in a small yard or an apartment.

Heck, if you aren’t careful, worm composting can even become addicting.

Why not get a Worm Factory® 360 Worm Bin Combo and start worm composting today?

Get both for only $135.00 with FREE shipping!

Be sure and shop our Store today for this great value!


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