Uncle Jim’s Red Wiggler Composting Worms now Available at GoodCompost.com

Uncle Jim's Red Wiggler Composting Worms
Uncle Jim's Red Wiggler Composting Worms

GoodCompost.com is excited to announce that we have established a relationship with Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm to bring our customers the best composting worms on the market.

Red Wigglers are the perfect composting worm. Red Wigglers are only 1-3 inches in length and they are about the diameter of a pencil lead, but don’t let their size fool you.

Did you know that these wiggly composters can eat their body weight in garbage in a day? That’s a lot of composting going on.

Once the food they consume gets digested, the those Red Wigglers leave behind some of the richest compost available.

These worm castings or worm compost contain five times the nitrogen, seven times the phosphates, and eleven times the the potash of average lawn soil.

Red Wiggler
Red Wiggler Champion Composter

All this great natural fertilizer comes from your garbage. How awesome is that! Isn’t it time to get some wiggly composters of your own?

If you have wondered how to get started composting at home, composting with worms is an easy way to begin.

Using a worm bin like the Worm Factory® or the Worm Factory® 360 and some Red Wiggler composting worms, you can turn your garbage into nutrient rich compost for your gardens.

To read more about worm composting, check out our article Worm Composting – Those Wigglies Eat Your Garbage!

Get started composting today! Be sure to check our our Composter Store–all orders ship FREE! Remember, “Don’t Throw it Away, Compost it!”TM


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